Paper engineering · Illustration ·  Graphic design

How did I become a paper engineer?

I’m passionate about the magic of paper and the enchanting world of books since childhood. My pop-up book journey began in 2014 during my Master’s in Nantes, where I now have a collection of 800 pop-up books in my workshop.

During my Master’s, I designed and illustrated two pop-up books, sparking a love for creative projects. After graduating, I became a freelance graphic designer in Paris, focusing on graphic design from 2017 to 2021. A turning point came when I discovered Duncan Birmingham’s “The Pop-Up Channel” on YouTube, inspiring me to create pop-up cards using paper, markers, scissors, and Adobe Illustrator.

Sharing my creations on social media led to unexpected encouragement and diverse clients, from luxury brands to editors. This journey has reshaped my career, merging graphic design with the enchanting world of pop-up art. Excited to continue exploring, I know there are still many chapters to unfold. Here’s to the magic of paper and the exciting adventures ahead! 📚✨

What I could do for you:

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